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In this day and age, cyber security is not something you can afford to do half-heartedly or to compromise on.  As your security needs grow and evolve, you will, from time to time, need to bring in external assistance.  When you do, you need that external assistance to be expert, experienced and reliable.

Cyber security is a technical subject and I have a very strong technical background. However, with my many years’ experience helping clients, I also understand that the primary purpose of good security is to protect a company’s operations whilst leaving the business free to be productive and successful at what it does best. This ensures I maintain a client and business focus in all the work I do.

Whatever the topic, if you have a security project you need to get done, especially if it is a difficult project you aren't sure how to crack, or if you are not sure how to get the best out of your security programmes or practices, or if you need to build a business case or influence Board decisions, I can provide the knowledge, understanding, experience and skills you need.

Do get in touch. Email me at or call 07734 311567 (+44 7734 311567).

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