Capability and services summary

I have been an Information Security professional for more than 25 years, all but five of those as a consultant.  I have made my reputation as an innovative provider of bespoke consultancy services, able to tackle the exceptional as well as the more familiar security needs.  I have a huge wealth of experience gained from working within an end-user environment, within a number of specialist security consultancies, and for the past 11 years as an independent.  I have provided consultancy to commercial clients large and small, and to civil government.  I have worked on highly focussed technical problems and on broad security programmes.  And I have worked both as an individual consultant and as the leader of multi-skilled consultancy teams.

If you have a security project you need to get done, especially if it is a difficult project you aren't sure how to crack, or if you are not sure how to get the best out of your security programme or data, I can provide the knowledge, understanding, experience and skills you need.

♦  I have an enormous breadth and depth of experience.  I have been at the top of the field for over twenty years and understand my subject from top to bottom.
♦  I am not just a technician.  Information security is a technical subject and I have a very strong technical background.  However, I also understand that the primary purpose of good security is to protect people's operations whilst leaving their business free to be productive and successful at what it does best.  This ensures I maintain a client and business focus in all the work I do.
♦  I am a problem solver.  I am academically trained (to Ph.D. level) and have a great track record of applying my analytical capabilities and deep understanding of risk to all sorts of difficult problems and providing original and definitive solutions.

I have the capability to help you across a wide range of security needs.  The following four sections describe briefly some of the areas where I have a well-proven track record of bringing benefits and value to clients.  However, it is in the nature of bespoke consultancy that no two projects are ever exactly the same, so even if your needs are not exactly as described here, you can still have confidence that I will be able to help you with your specific project.
Threat and risk modelling - from elementary modelling through to sophisticated mathematical analysis.
Providing strategic advice - helping my clients improve the way they protect their business operations.
Problem solving - providing new and innovative solutions to difficult problems.
Contracting - working with a client in a defined role, helping them with a broad range of tasks.
For specific details about my capabilities and experience, please take a look at my credentials.