Providing New and Innovative Solutions to Difficult Problems

Information Risk Management is not yet a mature field and there are still many topics that we have yet to master.  We are, rightly, being pushed hard by 'the business' to make Information Security more productive and less of a burden, and to base security programmes and activities on sound principles rather than on subjectivity and guesswork.  We should rise to this challenge and not be satisfied just continuing to push the same old "Best Practices".

My research background and proven track record developing novel solutions to difficult problems can help you break down the obstacles preventing you from achieving your security goals.  This might include convincing top management about new ideas, creating a new approach to a long standing problem, developing a new tool or technique, or developing an analysis of a novel proposition.

If you need to make progress in an area that is new to you or with a problem you have not yet been able to solve, then draw on my analytical skills, research training, expertise and experience to help you get the job done and to get it done right.

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