About JLIS

I set up JLIS in December 2002 to allow me to get back to delivering client solutions myself.  I had, for several years, been running technically-specialised security consultancy teams and had successfully been developing large amounts of consultancy business.  But I was also getting increasingly removed from the front line, away from what I enjoy most which is developing and delivering solutions that work for my clients.  JLIS allows me to focus on what I excel at, bringing together my analytical expertise, my command of the subject and my many years experience to provide a unique range of information security services and solutions.

I am based in Hampshire, in the south of England.  Most of my clients are UK-based Blue-Chip national and global companies, and together span most areas of industry and civil government.  However, geography is no barrier and I have worked for many clients outside the UK, usually in Europe, the US, and South East Asia.

For information about me, please take a look at my credentials.

Some formalities you might want to know about JLIS:

♦  JLIS is a trading name of JLIS and New Threads Limited.
♦  JLIS and New Threads Limited is registered in England, Reg. No. 04602412.
♦  The company's registered address is: Innisfree, Stoke Road, Smannell, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6JL.
♦  The mailing address for correspondence is the same.
♦  The company is registered for VAT, No. GB 799 6833 41.
For further information about JLIS, please get in touch using the contact details below.